The Chem-Selenium Platform

Harnessing the power of chemistry to synthesize selenium nanomaterials

Leveraging simple, straightforward, and clean chemical and physical processes

Cost-effective and Scalable Synthesis

By using chemical reducing agents we can produce selenium nanoparticles with predefined size, shape, and function

Eco-friendly and Green Generation

Our commitment to the environment is rooted even at the simplest step in the production of nanoparticles

“Naked” Nanomaterials of Great Versatility

The nanoparticles can also be functionalized with key chemical, biological, or synthetic, ligands and molecules

Chemically-synthesized selenium nanomaterials

Selenium nanoparticles with a wide array of antimicrobial applications in wound care, medical devices, implants, and high-touch surfaces

Our chemically-produced selenium nanomaterials are versatile with broad biomedical applications

Our platform for chemical synthesis of nanoparticles allows for a fine set of chemical reducing agents and stabilizing reagents to be used in conjunction with the biomedical properties of selenium.

The application of these nanoparticles goes beyond the medical realm, with endless applications in coatings, material sciences, and environmental remediation, among others.

Selected Publications

Biomedical Applications

Bacterial-produced selenium nanomaterials can meet the needs in a wide number of therapeutics areas of interest





Skin disorders