The Bio-Selenium Platform

Bacteria as biofactories of therapeutic selenium-based nanomaterials

Leveraging the power of bacteria to create nanometric trojan horses that treat the disease caused by the bacteria itself

Self-sustained and Scalable Production

Bacteria constantly grow in our bioreactors with low maintenance and producing valuable nanomaterials at a fast rate

Valuable Biomedical Therapeutics

Our biosynthesized selenium nanomaterials can be used in wound care to fight antibiotic resistant infections with a high degree of specificity to a particular bacteria

Easy Implementation
and Deployment

The nanomaterials can be used as sole therapeutics or can be easily combined with existing platforms for fast deployment

Bacterial-Produced selenium nanomaterials

An endless universe of possibilities

Our bacterial-produced selenium nanomaterials redefine the possibilities of nanotechnology as a biomedical tool

Newly engineered biological selenium nanoparticles (BioSeNPs) are a strong candidate for selective antimicrobial agents that can easily target the desired bacterial strains while leaving the rest of the host microbiome unharmed and without triggering a resistance response as seen with other commercially available nanoparticles or traditional antibiotics.

Other applications include anticancer agents, drug/gene delivery vehicles, and antioxidant active components.

Selected Publications

Biomedical Applications

Bacterial-produced selenium nanomaterials can meet the needs in a wide number of therapeutics areas of interest





Skin disorders