SynCell is pitching at Care in Space (CIS) Challenge 

SynCell News • August 4, 2022

Our co-founder Ada Vernet will be presenting tomorrow at Care in Space (CIS) Pitch Day. She will be showcasing our two platforms for synthesis of selenium nanomaterials and setting the stage for a potential incorporation into the program.

The Care In Space Challenge (CIS Challenge) is the first of its kind, leveraging the extreme conditions of space to not only drive innovation but also to build viable businesses at the intersection of commercial space and biomedical science. It is increasingly evident that space, and in particular microgravity, has profound impacts on the speed of drug discovery, improvements in medical devices, and advancements related to regenerative medicine and life sciences. The challenge, hosted by Boryung in collaboration with Axiom Space and Starburst Aerospace, will provide winning entrepreneurs and their startups an equity investment of $100,000 and admission into Starburst’s 13-week accelerator program to help bring their ideas to fruition.