The Birds and the End of the World

SynCell News • November 03, 2020

“I hardly think a few birds are going to bring about the end of the world” – Mrs. Bundy said, to which Melanie Daniels replied: “These weren’t a few birds.”

Luckly, we do not live in the 1963 Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds”, and the “End of the World” of which Mrs. Bundy was talking about seems more distant that we think, especially when if we firmly believe that bacteria might cause such a thing. Still, we might be at the beginning of something far bigger than we can expect, and if there is something we should closely look at and study, that is above us. More precisely, within birds.

Seagulls, penguins and pigeons recently joined to other animal species into the dangerous category of vectors for the transmissions of drug resistant bacteria when exposed to human waste generated in urban areas.

Specially risky areas have been identified as potential sources for this microbial contamination of birds. For instance, landfill sites where the animals might be picking incontinence pads and nappies, among other waste.

Once contaminated, they can easily spread those bacteria to other bird species, livestock, domestic animals or back to humans, closing a cycle of a large magnitude that might bring catastrophic consequences to us, rather sooner than later.

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